Work at PAL

2 Post-doc and 6 PhD students in Machine Learning and Computer Vision @ Brighton, UK

We have several open positions for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students in the scope of the ERC project BayesianGDPR ("Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency"). It involves the development of novel inference and computational methods towards the realisation of fair and transparent machine learning and computer vision systems in static and dynamic settings. In particular, the project will focus on Bayesian methods and their "deep" extension.

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PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowship positions in Trustworthy Machine Learning @ Bilbao, Spain

The "BCAM Severo Ochoa Strategic Lab on Trustworthy Machine Learning" in Bilbao, Spain, is held together with Dr Novi Quadrianto at the University of Sussex. This Joint Lab aims to promote research collaborations in topics such as algorithmic fairness under uncertainty in a static setting, and transparency in algorithmic fairness, and thus reinforce existing research areas and generate synergies.

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