Satellite/Aerial Image Segmentation

Understanding trade-offs between SDGs in urbanising contexts

Funded by Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP)
SSRP funding 1 April 2017–30 September 2018 (£99,369)
Funded by British Academy
BA funding 18 November 2019–17 November 2021 (£244,847)
Funded by DEFRA-Department For Environment, Food, Rural Affairs
DEFRA funding 1 November 2022–31 March 2024 (£675,000)


Rapid urbanisation creates trade-offs between development, food security and poverty alleviation goals which are often ignored or invisible. Revealing and communicating the nature and scale of these trade-offs to policymakers is a key step towards achieving SDGs around urban sustainability and resilience.

Our project applies deep learning techniques to map peri-urban agriculture in Wuhan, China and explores ways of integrating multiple types of data through a web-based mapping and visualisation tool to support research and stakeholder engagement on urban sustainability policy. This is a cross-departmental project involving the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex.

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